Industrial, Commercial, Automovtive, Marine, Residential.

Filter Engineering has been serving the indsutry for over 21 years.
We special in the hard to find Filters!

We can help you get the right filter for your needs. We secialize in the hard to find filters for any application on the market!

We carry over 200 different lines of filtraiton products. If we cannot fild it, it probably doesn't exist.

Water Filtration - Did someone say drinking water? We offer a full line of drinking water systems as well as pool filters too. We carry a full line of water filtration units, Reverse Osmosis units for under sink of even in a water cooler style. With the water cooler it wllmake up to 35 gallons per day and it offers Hot, Room Rempreatures and Ice cold water in the same unit.

Hyraulic Oil Filtration - We have flushing skids and portable filter carts to purifying your hydraulic oil. We carry a full like of spin on filters, heads and cartridge filter housing and elements. From 20 PSI to 5000 PSI and higher.

Machine Filters - We have filters for compressed air, turbing filters , compressor filters. Air Oil separators.

Filters for Tanks - From power generation to Pulp and Paper, we can help youf ind the rigt filter. We offer fluid analysus too! We carry tank breathers, Pressure FIlters, reguirn filters and suimp strainers.



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